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Do you like to warmup before you workout, lift, run, cycle etc..?

November 20, 2019

A warmup is good for:
Increasing circulation to muscles
Lubricating joints
Prepping connective tissue
Raising your core boding temperature a degree or two
Elevating heart rate to an optimal aerobic level
Preventing injury
Improving performance (strength and endurance)
What’s your favorite way to warmup?


November 13, 2019

What if we could tell you how much longer you had to live? Of course, we cannot predict the exact day or time, but if we could we would definetly have a show on TLC. Probably called, “Sweat Angel Psychics”….. you have to admit that has a nice ring to it. However, we are not in the business of the supernatural, we are in the business of fitness.

We recently came across an article from “The Art of Manliness” about a study done in Brazil by a man named, Claudio Gil Araujo. In his study he came up with a test he named, Sitting-Rising Test, or SRT. 

So what is the test? Lay on the ground, and get up without using your hands. Yep..that’s it. There is a point system, and the amount of points you get will determine how much longer you have to live. Click on this link to check out the point system, as well the different techniques you can use to get up.  https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/take-the-simple-test-that-can-predict-your-mortality/

Let us know what score you got!

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3 Hacks to get you off the couch and into the gym

November 6, 2019

❇️Get Motivated by setting a very short term goal

You need a definitive short term goal 2-3 weeks max…achieve that goal and then set another one.
Just joining a gym isn’t enough. You need small actionable boxes to check off. For example…”I just joined a gym and I am committed to taking a class they offer every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 weeks straight without ANY excuses no matter what.” Or…”I’m going to eat at least 3 colors of vegetables every day”. You get it….attainable, short term. Habits are usually formed in 15-20 days, good and bad.

❇️ Get Accountable by telling as many people you can about you short term goal.

By telling people that you are going to do something makes it real. We all make these awesome plans in our head every day about health, work, life etc. but never do anything about it. Tell someone. Tell everyone. This will create an atmosphere where your friends and co-workers will constantly e asking about your progress. It will be a conversation starter and eventually you will feel obligated to give these people tangible and truthful answers. It’s a hack, but it works if you can’t ever seem to get started.

❇️Choose a type of exercise that is almost impossible to avoid and do it with a friend or two that already does it (even if you hate it initially).

There is a reason that you can’t seem to stick with any routine…it’s because it is hard. Exercise and good nutrition are uncomfortable sometimes….so find a group of people that have already started a fitness program. They will be more than eager to help, fitness nuts always are!
AND Workout with at least one friend who is in way better shape than you. Trust me, it’s sucks at first but you will see the benefits and begin to emulated some their good habits.
Good Luck with these fitness hacks to get you started. Hopefully one (or all) work for you this time around!

Getting Kids Into Fitness

October 30, 2019

Getting children to exercise is no easy feat! Especially when they have all the entertainment they could ever need at the touch of their fingers. You have to make it fun and enjoyable while getting them to move and exercise. There are countless benefits to getting your child to exercise but here are some of the major perks.

-Develop new athletic skills and abilities that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

-They will improve their communication skills by participating in fun group/team activities.

There are also studies that show children that participate in sports/exercise tend to do better in school.
In these studies had children complete 20 minute walks and completed a MRI scan on their brains. The children’s brains where more “active” mean they had more neurons firing.

There is no better time to start getting your child to move then now!!