“Everything must come to an end”…so they say.  Thank you for all you’ve done to help the members and community at Sweat Angel…you will be missed, but not forgotten…

“Hey CFSA, the time has come for us to step away from coaching at CFSA. It was not an easy decision and much time was spent on it, but it is what needed to be done. We are stepping away to focus on priorities and goals that we have. Coach Joe will be stepping away to finish up his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at DSU. Coach Tim will be stepping away to focus on starting a personal training business. Overall, we’d just like to say thank you. Thanks to all of the coaches for helping bring us up to speed when we were first starting out and honestly a little lost. We’d especially like to thank Mike G and Mike T, they both always answered our questions and we learned a lot from both of them to say the least. Our epic spikeball games will be missed guys. Last of all, thanks to all the members. It was a thrill to coach and see you all progress during our time with you. It was also a privilege to get to know a few of the fine people at CFSA. We will still be dropping in from time to time to hit a WOD with you guys and we’ll definitely be around for the open. You guys have a great community, thank you for letting us be a part of it.”

Coach Joe

“Hey CrossFit Sweat Angel members. Well the time came last week for myself and Coach Joe to take a step away and stop coaching at the gym. It was thought out for a long time due to the fact I didn’t want to leave you guys and I won’t be completely, you’ll see me drop in from time to time and hit a workout. But the time has come to focus more time and effort on new goals and I guess those times come for everyone and that’s how life goes. That being said, it was a privilege to get to meet and coach everyone I came in contact with at this gym. The mental and physical growth that I’ve got to witness over the past year and a half in this community has been inspiring and taught me so much. To all the coaches Mike, Mike T, Christen, Michelle, Clay, Matt, it was a privilege to get to coach alongside you all. Thank you for trusting me to be a part of this community and giving me the freedom to sometimes make mistakes and learn from them. I am better for the time I’ve been able to spend as a part of the Sweat Angel community as are so many others. I wish the best for all of you going forward. Continue to grow stronger in your training and in your lives. Thank you all for everything.”

Coach Tim